About the Conference

How do notions of heat and irreversibility emerge from unitary microscopic dynamics? Can distinct quantum features such as entanglement or coherence improve heat engine operation? Can a fundamental understanding of thermodynamics at the quantum scale inspire new technologies, or help improve existing technologies? These are all important questions in the emerging field of Quantum Thermodynamics.

QTDU2024 gives those of us working in this field in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region the opportunity to get to know each other and our work and foster new connections and collaborations.

Wherever you are in the world, we invite you to join us here in Brisbane, Australia to attend a 4-day in-person conference covering, but not limited to, four themes:

  1. Fundamental questions in quantum thermodynamics.
  2. Quantum thermal machines and fluctuation theorems.
  3. Connections between quantum thermodynamics and other fields, e.g. quantum information, relativity, quantum biology.
  4. Practical applications to industry, and science communication.