QTDU 2023

Thanks to all those who attended QTDU2023. We preserve here the information from that year.

Welcome to the inaugural Quantum Thermodynamics Down Under (QTDU) conference!

QTDU2023 will be a 4-day in-person conference situated in Brisbane, Australia, and an opportunity for all of us to share our research and foster collaborations with fellow researchers in quantum thermodynamics within Australia and our region of the globe.

We are delighted to welcome our invited speakers:

We look forward to seeing you in Brisbane!


A compact form of the programme can be downloaded here:

Talk titles follow below.

Both versions of the programme will be updated as further details are confirmed. An abstract booklet will also be forthcoming.

Table of Contents

Tuesday, 7th November


Opening & Welcome
9:00--10:00Thomas BuschMaking statistics work: a quantum engine in the BEC--BCS crossover
10:00--10:30Raymon WatsonAn interaction driven quantum many-body heat engine enabled by atom-atom correlations
11:00--11:30Mile GuQuantum energetic advantage for agents responding in real-time
11:30--12:00Rahul ShastriControlling Coherence in Finite Time Quantum Otto Cycle Through Monitoring
12:00--12:30Lewis WilliamsonExtracting work from coherence in a many-body bosonic system
14:00--15:00Varinder SinghThermodynamic uncertainty relation in degenerate and nondegenerate maser heat engines
15:30--16:00Laraib Niaz (online)A non-traditional quantum heat engine based on electromagnetically induced transparency
16:00--16:30Rose ManakilSpectroscopy to observe Maxwell’s Demon
16:30--17:00Discussion Panel

Wednesday, 8th November

9:00--10:00Janet AndersStrong coupling and coherence in quantum thermodynamics
10:00--10:30Nicole Yunger Halpern (online)What happens to entropy production when conserved quantities fail to commute
11:00--11:30Gabriella Gonçalves Damas (online)Optimizing Three-Qubit Quantum Refrigeration with Fermionic Thermal Baths
11:30--12:00Mohamed BoubakourDynamical Invariant based Shortcut to Thermalization
12:00--12:30Kavan ModiMultitime detailed balance
14:00--15:00Gerard MilburnThe thermodynamics of learning machines
15:30--16:00Carolyn WoodOperational models of temperature superpositions
16:00--16:30Joshua FooSuperpositions of thermalisation states in relativistic quantum field theory
16:30--17:00Discussion Panel

Thursday, 9th of November

9:00--9:30Eric He
Quantum clock precision studied with a superconducting circuit
9:30--10:00Stefan ZeppetzauerImplementation of a periodic quantum clock based on coherent feedback
10:00--11:00Nicole Yunger Halpern (online)Quantum Steampunk
11:30--12:00Thomás FogartyEnhancing many-body quantum batteries through symmetrization
12:00--12:30Christopher BakerAn optomechanical heat engine based on the superfluid fountain effect
14:00--15:00Michael JackMolecular motors: Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of molecular-scale energy conversion
15:30--16:00Konstantina KotevaOptimization and Comparison of Energetic Performance for Silicon Spin Qubit Quantum Devices
16:00--16:30Ruo Cheng HuangEngines for predictive work extraction from memoryful quantum stochastic processes
16:30--17:00Discussion Panel
18:00--22:00Conference Dinner

Friday, 10th of November

9:00--9:30Vijit NautiyalA finite-time quantum Otto cycle driven by atomic interactions
9:30--10:00Liam McClellandA quantum spin heat engine with trapped Yb+ ions
10:00--10:30Matthew DavisThermalisation and many-body localisation in a two-dimensional lattice of ultracold polar molecules with disordered filling
11:00--11:30Neil DowlingQuantum Chaos, Scrambling, and (Operator) Entanglement
11:30--12:00Tyler NeelyPoint vortex thermodynamics realised in Bose-Einstein condensates
12:00--12:30Wrap Up & Close
13:00--Social Activity (TBD)